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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Elijah Cole Walter

I want to update on our newest addition to our family!!! He is absolutely adorable and an amazing baby!!! :) he surprised us a little early on January 29th and was born via c section at lunch, weighing in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long :-) as the doctor pulled him out, his umbilical cord was in a true knot! Elijah Cole, and you have been an amazing baby! You sleep so good! An answer to prayer :-) sometimes 8 hours a night!!! We had our two month appointment this week and you weigh 11 lbs., 2 oz, 22.5 in long! I am so thankful for you! You are greatly loved, not only by the Lord, but your mommy and daddy and big brothers and sisters :-) they are so proud of you! Elli is a big helper who loves to hold and feed you and show you off! Zae likes to say, "he is so cute I can't stand it! " and Graham likes to say, "he loves me! " we all think you are so cute!!! You have the most awesome as that are always open and alert!! You also have extremely kissable cheeks and such adorable feet! You love to snuggle with daddy and sleep in his nook :-)  God has great plans for you little man and I am so blessed to be called your mommy! :-) you are a spiritual champion Elijah Cole, whose sustainer is The Lord!!!! :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Buddy, you are such a sweetheart!!  You have started army crawling EVERYWHERE!!  And you are getting into EVERYTHING!!  I can't believe I have another one soo ready to go!!  :)  I love it!!  Your little personality is coming out so much!  You do not like it when a toy is taken away!!  You have gained quite a bit of weight lately!  You have started strictly on formula and you love your baby food, esp carrots!!  We gave you a lemon the other day and you didn't even make a face!! You LOVE bath time!  You are so inquisitive and love to figure things out!!  You like to crawl to the wii and check it out...however, your brother already used it as a bank and broke it!  lol!  98% of the time you are as content as can be and I couldn't have asked for a better baby!!  I love you soo much sweetheart!!  You have a special place in mommy's heart!  Thank you for teaching me about faith and believing and hearing the voice of God and waiting on his timing!  And I must admit, your daddy has sought the Lord more than ever as a result of you!!!  You are amazing and have already impacted so many lives and I know God is going to use you to impact so many more!!!!  You have a long life ahead of you full of God's promises and His destiny!  He has already wrote a book about you big man! :)  I can't wait to see it unfold in your life!  I am blessed to be your mommy!!  I love you!!! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On the Road!!

We have been doing a LOT of traveling lately!! Daddy has been haveing to travel a lot for work, so last month, we decided to go with him!! :) All the way to BOSTON!! We rented an awesome van (with wireless headphones!!) and drove 20 hours one way!! But it was an amazing trip!! You all 3 did GREAT in the car! We were so happy we went! We took our time driving, stopping in Knoxville, Pennsylvania, New York, and then Boston! Our trip to New York was amazing!!! We ended up staying in downtown and loved it!! Parking was crazy, as was driving in downtown, but once we got everyone situated, it was great!! The hotel room was small, but we all snuggled up!! We walked and walked, and walked! :) We went to Central Park, which was amazing!! Yall loved climbin on the rocks and playing on the playground!! You wanted a balloon soo bad, so Elli ended up with a flower and Zae a sword! We went to Time Square and it was crazy to see sooo many people! The buildings were huge! We put the 3 of you in the double stroller and/or the carrier, and took off to see all we could see!! The drive in was interesting!! Tunnels and tolls and traffic! People and cars hardly even got out of the way of firetrucks (of which we saw quite a up close, right where we were!) People were going everywhere, and quickly! They were also very focused. However, us with 3 kids got the attention of many! Our cute kids stopped people in their tracks! Especially with Elli singing (at the top of her lungs), "This is My commandment that you love one another, that your joy may be full, " and "The B I B L E, yes, that's the book for me!" One man stopped and said, "God bless you." Elli may also be one of the only people who slept in the middle of the "city that never sleeps!" We also got to see the Empire State Building! We just looked at it from below! But it was tall!! :) Monday morning, we got up and went to Time Square and spent a lot of time in the biggest Toys R Us we've ever seen!! 4 stories high, with a ferris wheel! Yall rode in the yellow taxi cab car (of which the real ones! glad we didn't ride in one of those!!) We also took some great pics with the life size dinosaur! And saw more toys and candy in one place than we've ever seen before! Our stay in Nashua (outside of Boston) was great! We didn't do much sight-seeing there, but still had fun! The hardest part was the hotel room during the day, but breakfast in the mornings was great!! The ladies loved seeing yall come! You were great for your momma! :) They saw us coming and got things set out right...your cups, an exta plate for Ariel, and your pancakes ordered!! They commented to other customers how great yall were, esp traveling so far from home! I was a proud mom :) By the time daddy got off work, we met him in the parking lot!! We were ready to go somewhere!! We went to a park, restaurants (one Italian place that gave you your own pizza dough!) and even an arcade!! The drive home we stopped quite a few times, at play places, parks, and a mall!! Yall were troopers!! So much so, we decided to drive to Maryland the next month! :) One side note from the trip...we took our time, no agenda, stopping whenever and quite often! We stopped at a McDonalds on Sarurday, and let you kiddos play in the play place. Graham and I walked next door to Wal Greens to look around, where I found Organic Similac on sale for $6!!!! I didn't get it cause he took Enfamil and didn't want to switch on a trip. As we got back on the road, Josh told me I should have gotten it and taken in home to try. I said, well if we randomly stop by that one again (not even knowing what state we were in), I will buy all they have!! Well, we ended up back at the SAME MCDONALDS!!!!!! God is in to details!!! :) I bought it and when Graham started taking it, he spit up less than half of what he was!!!! God's way of telling us to switch formuls!! :) I love it!! Our next trip started with an awesome vacation to Gatlinburg with my nanny and papa and rissa! We stayed at the Wildnerness in the Smokies (with a Wyndhm resort attached-lol!!!) It was great!!! There was an indoor water park, and 2 outdoor water parks! We also went to Dollywood, which yall LOVED!! And Dixie Stampede!! which you (esp Zae!) also LOVED!! We spent a lot of time in the arcade and indoor water park, and a little time in Gatlinburg (where ELli made a CD!) It was an awesome trip!! Full of memories and never lacking on activites and good food!! One memorable part of the trip, is at Dollywood, Zae, you decided you wanted to potty train!! And you have done great! :) When you are ready, you're ready! :) We went from Gatlinburg to Aberdeen, Maryland, so daddy could work the next week! Another good trip, but daddy had to work more so that meant more time in the hotel :( However, we did get a great chance to see Shane, Gage, and Brayden while we were there!! A God set up if I've ever had one!! :) Soo many more memories, but I want to write more about each of you individually, so I'll leave this here for now!! I love yall!! I love you kids and I LOVE making memories with you! :) Love, Mommy! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beyond blessed to be a mother to the 3 cutest kids I know!!! Thankful for the laughs, hugs, tears, smiles, everything!! They are amazing!! So humbled God chose me to be their mommy :) glad I get to hug them, kiss their boo boos, help calm their fears, and encourage them in their pursuit of God and His plans for them! I love yall!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

my 4 year old princess!!!

I love you so much sweetheart!!! Happy birthday (yesterday!! But your surprise party is saturday!!) I am so proud of you!! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out!! I know God is going to use you in many ways!! It brings tears to my eyes to think of how much you have grown!! I think we will dress up and have a tea party when I'm done :) you are sweet and compassionate and a great big sister!! You are thoughtful and considerate and extremely smart with an amazing memory!!!! You are fiesty and love to have fun!! You like to watch tv, remember everything, and do crafts and play pretend!! You are reading zae a book for nap time right now!! Toes, ears, and nose, a book I used to read to you all the time! And you are reading it the same way I used to!! ;) We gave you a cake making playdough kit for your birthday and you love it!! We tried to take you to chuck e cheese, but you did not want to go! So, we played at the house during the day, went to the park in the afternoon with legend, and nanny and papa came over that evening and we ate pizza and cheesy bread! You told me you did not want a big party this year... you wanted to go with presleigh to get your nails done!! So on saturday I am taking you two and you will come home to a surprise  birthday party!!! I think you will love it! (which you did!) :) we made cupcakes yesterday too!! And took them to the park! :) I am excited for your surprise My Little Pony birthday party!! I am taking yall to breakfast and then spoiled rockin kidz salon for a manicure, hair style, and make up!!! Then we'll come home to your surprise party!!! I love you sweetheart!! You have a heart that draws others to the Lord and brings joy everywhere you go!!! I love you!! You are beautiful inside and out, but more beautiful on the inside :) We are so proud of you honey!!

Mommy :) i love you more than you know!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christmas bikes and more :)

Elli as a flower girl!!

Elli, you were a flower girl in Mallory and David's wedding!!! You were BEAUTIFUL!!! And you did great!!! Except when you tried to walk back down the aisle until mommy grabbed you by your long, beautiful hair! :) Lol! You of course screamed, "Ouch!!" :)